I've heard the old idiom: Enough is as good as a feast. I understand the sensibility behind it and I do try to live my life so as not to take more than my fair share. At the same time, that phrase doesn't exactly sing to the soul, you know? Enough sounds restrained and slightly worried. So it shouldn't have surprised me when I realized recently that I relish abundance. Hope Roses.jpg

As I walked the streets of my still-sort-of-new neighborhood through the early summer season, I was enchanted by unabashed roses bursting forth in gorgeous pastels. As summer moved in with purpose, I was greeted by heavy-headed hydrangeas, bold Black-eyed Susan's and bright crepe myrtle. I loved these rich displays of nature everywhere I turned.

MNYK Hydrangeas.jpg

I saw abundance in a bowl of red, ripe cherries; a miles-long trail beneath a lush canopy of leaves; a creek rushing with water; a loaf of fresh-baked bread.



I wondered: was my response to abundance just greed in disguise? Should I settle for enough? To me, greed feels needy, like there's a hole inside that craves to be filled. Greed says there's never enough. My love of abundance doesn't feel like a sort of Mr. Potter need to grab everything for myself. My response to abundance is more like joy at the possibility of what could be. Abundance hints at promise and hope, while enough is, well, it's enough. Maybe it's a privilege to relish abundance. Or maybe it's a matter of perspective. If enough looks like abundance, then maybe enough is truly as good as a feast.