777 Challenge

Urban Art by Vexta Okay, people, I've been tagged for the adorable 777 Challenge not by one fantastic writer, but by two. First, Jenn Barnes tagged me and the other day Nicole Valentine did the same. As the first draft of this WIP isn't even complete, who knows if these seven lines will remain in the manuscript, let alone on the seventh page, seven lines down? But I'm all for fun so here we go.

The working title for this WIP is What It Looks LikeFor senior Skye Anderson, things at home suck and life at school isn't much better. Mom is too afraid of being alone to admit that her longterm boyfriend is more bad than good. If it wasn't for her little sister, Skye would be long gone by now. In the meantime, partying with the guys passes the time, even if it does go too far sometimes. But when Mom makes noises about moving in with the boyfriend, Skye knows that she can't let that happen. But what can one loser of a 17 year old do?

And now the 7 lines that appear 7 lines down on the 7th page:

"What were you thinking, hooking up with such a man whore?" Molly said, picking the olives out of her Greek salad.

Thinking? There was no thinking. "We were all just partying."

In my mind, I curled into a thumb-sucking fetal position. In reality, I projected a Teflon-coated bitch-girl, plucking french fry after french fry from the greasy container and drowning each one in red before severing it with my teeth.


I know that Laurie Morrison already posted hers, check it out here. And like Laurie, I'm not sure who's been tagged and who hasn't so I'm leaving it open. Happy writing, everyone!

(image is street art in India by Vexta from a NYTimes article about female street artists.)