A Walk in the Woods

Goodnow Waterfall On Tuesday, the weather looked promising, or at least it looked less threatening, so we embarked on a favorite hike: Goodnow Mountain. One of my favorite things about the Adirondacks is how the same place can look and feel so different during different times of the year and in different types of weather. Goodnow is a quick drive from our house and it’s good hike that’ll get your heart pumping, while not a technical challenge. Also, it can be done in a few hours, which means I don’t need to pack a lunch!

Boys HikingIMG_1613

Given the crazy rain the Adirondacks have experienced over the past few days (and apparently weeks), I knew the hike would be wet. But how wet, I couldn’t have predicted. Essentially, the entire path was a non-stop stream of water and thick, sole-sucking mud (see what I did there?) Each of us was relieved that we’d worn waterproof hiking boots.

NatGeo Tree

Sun through trees

Though we soon grew tired of the never-ending smack of mud on our boots, I never grew tired of the roar of full streams waterfalling down the mountain.

Fire TowerAt the top

At the top of the mountain is an old fire tower offering wide views, even on a cloudy day. I was especially proud of my older son for braving the fire tower because he has an intense fear of heights. And let me tell you, the fire tower does not exactly instill a sense of indisputable safety. As if the narrow wooden plank stairs and metal railings weren’t enough, when you reach the fourth landing, the wind picks up. I’ve climbed to the top every time I’ve hiked Goodnow and I always have shaking knees by the time I reach the landing pad on the top flight. But you do it for the views, right?