Rome Metro Serves as Time Travel Device

ROME DAY 3 Gelato: Cannella e cremina (cinnamon and something with globs of delicious fudge. Yum!) and later -- coconut and amaretto - double yum!

Pasta: Ravioli con caciofi e rosa (with artichokes and a pink sauce)

On this day, we were quite bold (for us) and made a day trip to Ostia Antica, an ancient and well-preserved city about one hour by metro and train from Rome. By this point, all of us were happy to leave the hustle and bustle of Rome and we welcomed the relative quiet of Ostia. In fact, we were beside ourselves to find a little deli where we ordered sandwiches, sides and drinks to go for a reasonable 20 euros. It's amazing what you can do with a little Italian and a lot of pointing.

After our wonderful lunch, we were ready to tackle Ostia Antica. This is a town that was founded around 650 B.C. Let that sink in for a moment. 650 B.C. A relatively brief train ride takes you to a town that's completely laid out as it was over two thousand years ago. Wow, right? The tradition at that time was to bury the dead on the road leading to the city so the first thing you see as you enter Ostia Antica is rows and rows of burial chambers. When you finally enter the city, you have the opportunity to explore the remarkably well-preserved theater, apartments, stores - and even a bar! And when I say explore, I mean that you can climb the stairs to the rooftop, peer into the old buildings. walk through the mill. Talk about stepping back in time! This was a highlight of our trip as a whole.

Entry to Ostia AnticaView of shop areaIMG_4990

Around the columns of the square, merchants sold fresh fish and other goods or services.

This theater is still in use today for shows

Zach in Ostia TheaterBoys on top ledge of theater

Celebrating our ability to navigate the metro and regional rail without incident, we treated ourselves to an afternoon gelato before dinner!

Dinner was at Alla Campana on the recommendation of an American friend who travels to Rome every year. The service was fantastic and the food delicious.