Days of Pasta and Gelati

Pantheon interior DAY 1: Friday, March 22

Gelato flavor: Stracciatella (like chocolate chip, but not really like chocolate chip)

Pasta: Fettucine con funghi (with a light cream sauce and fresh mushrooms.)

Oh, and we saw Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. This was our first day. None of us had slept well on the plane, so we were all a little delirious. On a recommendation from both Rick Steves and the owner of our B&B, we set out to find Baffetto, a local pizzaria. We got lost. Little did we know that this would be a trend for us — setting out to find a restaurant and getting lost. Good news? We ended up very near Piazza Navona – a beautiful piazza and former racetrack. It boasts the famous Four Rivers Fountain by Bernini. My man, Bernini, could work with some marble.

Piazza Cavour


The boys in front of Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain


Laura and Tom inside the Pantheon


Umberto Bridge