THINGS YOU SEE IN ROME Ancient ruins resting amidst the modern city. Women in three-inch heels riding scooters. Down jackets. Motorcycles, so many motorcycles and scooters and smart cars parked in impossibly small spaces. Fountains at every turn. People smoking. Cobblestones. Gelaterias. Pizzarias. Couples kissing. Giant, two story tall heavy wooden doors that open into regular apartment complexes. Marble in altars, as flooring, on the street. Churches with domes or without. Piazzas, broad and modest, with fountains and sometimes obelisks. Walls, great unscalable walls guarding the entire Vatican City and another spanning a large part of North Rome. Well-dressed police officers.

One of many statues lining the Umberto Bridge from Castel Sant'Angelo toward the Piazza Navona section of Rome.

Three police question a roasted chestnut seller. Or maybe they're just buying some roasted chestnuts. Who know?

Vine-covered building with street sign

We happened upon this church after lunch on the first day.


Large cars: a Range Rover is a beast among kittens. People wearing khakis. International cuisine. Very few Asian restaurants and no other types that we saw. Starbucks. Bright colors in clothing. Skycrapers. Fleece jackets. Runners, except in Borghese Park where they don’t look awfully serious about it.