Are you following The Following?

PortraitofEdgarAllanPoeOkay, so who is watching the new drama 'The Following' starring Kevin Bacon and that pretty chick from 'Justified'? And who among you screamed like a little girl during the last episode? Me too! Full on screamed out loud. Not just a little squeak, mind you. A scream.

What I like about this show: the delicious Poe connection feels original. And the literary references don't end at Poe. Did you catch the nod to Joseph Campbell's hero's journey in episode one? The fact that the psycho killer calls Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) a flawed hero somehow makes his role seem less cliche. And in the recent episode, Claire, the ex-wife recounts the books her sons is reading and she mentions Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson, among others. I found this amusing as I have two avid reading sons and neither has read Melville or Robert Louis Stevenson.

I am curious how the writers will maintain the tension throughout the season and how they are conceiving of future seasons, but for now -- I'm hooked. How about you?

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