Thoughts and Deeds

 Once again, I've let time slide by and haven't posted for a bit!  Let me catch you up.  I ran the Broad Street Run last week - it was my fifth and hardest. You may have heard about the heat we had last week?  Yeah, not so great for a 10 mile run.  Lots of people seem to think that runners love warm weather and I suppose some do but I'd take drizzly and chilly over hot and sunny any day of the week for a long run.

Despite the heat, I love the Broad Street Run. It's flat and fast, running down one long street that stretches from Girls' High in North Philadelphia, through Temple University's campus, around City Hall, through South Philadelphia until you end up in the Naval Shipyard.  It's cool going through all those areas of Philadelphia on one stretch of road.  Runners are cheered on by gospel choirs and marching bands that give way to rock bands which then morph into Mummer's.  The water stations are the best of any race I've done.  Not the water, of course.  Water is water. No, they cheer you like you're a rock star.  It's amazing. I don't know where they find these people but I swear, when I'm finally finished racing, I want to work the water stations for the Broad Street Run. 

Even though I love it, I struggled during the race but whenever I thought of walking,  I considered the 9 year old who would love to be outside running around and her dad (he usually races Broad Street). I wore an Army bracelet and thought of the soldiers in Iraq who work and live in temperatures that ratchet way above 100 in full gear and carrying packs.  I even thought of Chrissie Wellington, the first woman to win three back-to-back Ironman Championships.  

And I finished. Not as fast or as strong as I would have liked but I finished.  

Speaking of the the 9 year old with leukemia, who I mentioned in my last post -  I can say with relief that she is at home with her family now, on a break from chemo.  Also my friend, writing partner and all-around brave woman is recovering at home from her surgery and my former boss is recovering in the hospital from her surgery.  Keep the prayers coming, seems like everyone can use a good word here and there.

Sometimes people need more than just a good word. Surely you've heard about the flooding in Nashville.  If you are a writer or an avid reader, you'll want to check out this website created by author Myra McEntire and her two friends.  Every time I visit Do The Write Thing for Nashville and see the outpouring of auction items and the generosity of bidders, I get goosebumps all over. Go there and check out the amazing items. And remember - it's an auction. You're not there for a good deal; you're there for a good deed. 

I've been working hard on my writing - which is why I haven't been posting. If I have free time I'm either revising old stuff, writing new stuff or critiquing someone else's stuff.  I hope you are all well and to the mothers out there - Happy Mother's Day!